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The following articles originally appeared in the Washington Metropolitan Chapter of Community Associations Institute’s ( monthly publication, Quorum™ in the publication date issue shown.

Who Should Pay the Deductible, Chris Manougian, June 1999

The Insurance Bid Process, Value vs. Bargain, Robin Manougian, July 1999

Liability Insurance: How Much is Enough, John Manougian, October 1999

Protecting Your Association’s Assets, Robin Manougian, October 1999

Unit Owner Building Insurance Responsibilities, Chris Manougian, December 1999, Robin Manougian, November 2000

Why Did Our Premium Go Up? Robin Manougian/John Manougian April 2001

Risk Management in a Changing Insurance Marketplace, John Manougian/Robin Manougian, May 2001

Mold Claims and Insurance Coverage, John Manougian, October 2002

Mudslides, Sinkholes, and Earth Movement, Robin Manougian, October 2003

The New Insurance Marketplace, John Manougian, March 2003

A Checklist for Bidding a Community’s Insurance in Today’s Market, Robin Manougian, March 2003

If a Tree Falls (Tree Liability), Robin Manougian, January 2004

Should You Have a Home Defibrillator? Robin Manougian, April 2004

Are You Prepared for the Worst? Robin Manougian, April 2004

The Kentlands Citizens Assembly: How One Community is Taking Back the Night, Robin Manougian, May 2004

Effective Boards – Revisited, John Manougian, August 2004