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T he JOHN MANOUGIAN INSURANCE AGENCY, INC., was formed in 1970 as an independent agency with a simple philosophy:

We can serve you better as independent agents, and as such, we are never limited to the policy form underwritten by any one insurance carrier.

Our ability to access many carriers in the marketplace means that our allegiance is always to our client. We represent a select group of financially sound, reputable insurance companies, all of which provide state-o f-the-art insurance programs that are competitively priced – even in today’s changing marketplace.

We offer a full spectrum of insurance services to meet the unique insurance needs of today’s community associations, including professional insurance management, risk evaluation, loss prevention and risk management services, and claims analysis.

We also know that service doesn’t end once a policy is written. We continue to manage your entire insurance program through ongoing counseling, maintenance and loss control recommendations, and policy monitoring to ensure that your coverages continue to protect your changing needs. Even before we’ve written a policy for a community, we’re ready to provide our professional recommendations, as well as answer questions raised by boards of directors and property managers to ensure that the insurance program you purchase is the most comprehensive and cost-effective program available to your community.

We currently provide insurance programs to more than 400 community associations throughout the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Area, from the smallest associations to the very largest high-rise condominium communities – and we have a program of insurance that’s right for your community, too.JOHN MANOUGIAN INSURANCE AGENCY - member of community association institute